GOES16 Animated GIF Satellite Loops

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umv GIF Animation
$imageWidth: 600, $imageHeight: 600, $wideScreen: true
The date is currently Jun 20, 2021. The time is 1846 Zulu, 18:46:17 UTC.
The above animated images are produced by NOAA GOES Satellite Distribution Center
Script by SELincoln Weather - Image Resizing Code by Southern Maryland Weather

isset($_SESSION[CSSwidescreen]): true
$wideScreen: true
, $wideScreen0: true
$wideScreen1: true
$satBand: GEOCOLOR, $sector: umv, $ourSectorType: standard
$imageWidth: 600, $imageHeight: 600
$satBand4: GEOCOLOR, $sector: umv, $ourSectorType: standard
$imageWidth: 600, $imageHeight: 600
$imageWidth: 600, $imageHeight: 600
$imageWidth: 600, $imageHeight: 600, $standAlone: false, $displayWide: true